Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TRAPPER THE CYBER SNOOP – Talks with Author, Richard Nurse

Trapper the Cyber Snoop – Once again First with the Story

I sat down with my human companion, Author Richard Nurse, after he went on Amazon, to get the link for his new book, “M is for Malice”, Episode 4 of the “Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me” series.  Oh let me correct that first line, you see, I was actually curled up in his lap, when he woke me up with a Son-of-a-Bitch.

Trapper: - Hey, I was sleeping, it had better be important…

Author: - Pointing at the screen of his laptop, as he sees his new book’s  Amazon listing for the first time. “I never knew she had a book with the same title…”

Trapper: - Where have you been man, everybody knows that she wrote a series like that.

Author: - Trapper, you know how little I read, and you know that I do not read anything that is in the same genre that I am writing in at the time. 

Trapper: - Well yeah, I know that, but this is Sue Grafton man…”

Author: - Well little buddy, I know who Sue Grafton is, at least, I know the name, and that she is a very prolific mystery writer. However, ‘believe it or not’, I have never read even one of her books.  In addition, until this showed up on the screen, I had no idea she has a book with the same title.

Trapper: - I believe you, and I even remember how you finally decided on the title.  You put “Anger words beginning with M” in as a Google search. Then you started checking definitions of words you liked the sound of.

Author: - Right on my little buddy. Do you remember how excited I got when I found that one particular definition of Malice?  It was like a flood gate opened, and the story that I had been trying to write, suddenly began to flow out of me.

Trapper: - How could I forget, if anyone of us wanted to see you, we had to come to your office. Your fingers were flying over that keyboard. So much so that you knocked the “F” key right, off the laptop, and then said a word that begins with “F”.

Author: - Yeah, and I said that word again, when I couldn’t get the key to position correctly on the keyboard, so that it occasionally stuck, or simply wouldn’t work. I am going to have to sell a bunch of books to pay for the new Laptop.

Trapper: - You never did a Title check did you?

Author: - No I did not Trapper; in fact, I never have done one for any of my books. However, this one was special, the “M” tied to the ending of episode 3. Once I found the word Malice, it instantly became the word that, defined the story.

Trapper: - Then I guess we can use a phrase from Crocodile Dundee “No Worries Mate”.

Author: - I have to agree with you there Trapper, especially as fast as both Amazon and Createspace reviewed and published the books.

Trapper: - You’re right there, hours instead of days. Oh and when you talk to Paul Potiki again, tell him he did a great job making my dad look way cool on the cover.

You know, you and I make a pretty good team. My dad taught you well, and it sure beats being out on the porch all the time.  Gosh, I almost forgot the readers. Folks, I know what is on his Kindle, and I can see his books from my spot on his lap. I can guarantee that there is not a Sue Grafton book in this house. 

©February 9, 2016

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