Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Nursesnook&books: Prayers for Trapper the Cyber Snoop

Nursesnook&books: Prayers for Trapper the Cyber Snoop: Trapper the Cyber Snoop For everyone who has read any of Trapper's blogs or smiled when you've seen his picture. My Little budd...

Prayers for Trapper the Cyber Snoop

Trapper the Cyber Snoop

For everyone who has read any of Trapper's blogs or smiled when you've seen his picture. My Little buddy needs your prayers.  He is sick and running a temp. and his sides are heaving like he is having trouble breathing. 

 He is seeing his doctor at 0930 this morning. I'll let you know how he is doing later today.

Thank You,

Trappers Human

Monday, March 18, 2019


From NursesnookandBooks



Get Book one of either the
"Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me"
or the
"Suzy & Katie"
series for just $0.99 


Thursday, November 22, 2018

New Website

"Hey, Trapper,"

"Yeah, Bossman."

"Wow, thanks for the promotion!"

"Don't let it go to your head...
I'm just makin' yah feel good,
Cuz I know you know that,
Cats rule."

"All right little buddy... I just wanted to let you know."

"I probably already know about it
but go ahead and tell me."

"We're back on the World Wide Web."

"That's cool, Do I get to tell the readers about my dad.  he is the star."

"One of the stars Trapper, don't forget about Jasper and Maggie."

"Yeah, okay, Jasper is pretty cool, for a dog...and Maggie, now she knows how to pet a kitty."

"That she does Trapper, yeah, I guess you can write a story or two."

"You might want to tell the readers the name of the site. . .giving them a link wouldn't hurt either."

"Right, as usual, little buddy. The name of the new site is NursesnookandBooks and here is the link."


Monday, October 8, 2018

Trapper's Sneak Peek from "Two Hearts Joined"

Trapper the Cyber Snoop

With a Sneak Peek from

"Two Hearts Joined"

(By the Flames of Revenge)
A Novel by Richard Nurse
With Susan Nurse

The circumstances couldn’t have been better, for the man and woman who pulled into the parking lot of an old abandoned shirt factory. The buildings of the factory were a part of what used to be the thriving downtown district of Smithville, NY and, tonight, the only nightclub in the downtown area was reopening after being closed down by the city for six months, due to too many violent incidents either inside or just outside of the club.
The occupants of the car had both just recently been released from two separate prisons, and both were in violation of their parole for multiple reasons.  They were in Smithville, and they were not allowed within the city limits, they were armed, at least the male was. They had stolen the car in Trenton, and of course, they were in the company of another convicted felon, each other
The woman sitting behind the wheel definitely showed the effects of her drug use and time in prison. A former high school homecoming queen, and mother of one daughter, she could now only be described as a hard looking woman. Her only comment as her male companion exited the car, was, “You better not fuckin miss, Jonathan.”
Jonathan Pettibone, was dressed in fatigues, but without a single badge, nametag, indication of rank, or any military insignia. He exited the car without either replying to her comment, or even a glance in her direction. As the car pulled away, he shook his head, and began to walk towards the club with a distinct limp.  This limp was not from an injury; rather it was because he had an AR-15 strapped to his right leg, under his fatigue pants. The pockets were full of what he felt was necessary to extract his revenge.
As he limped along, he thought about the woman who had just dropped him off. Danielle had violated her own parole from Albion to pick him up two weeks ago, when he had been released from Fort Leavenworth, U. S. Army Maximum Security Prison. 
They both had a single target that they wanted dead, but for two completely different reasons. Sergeant Dave Johnson, had destroyed both of their lives on a single night, sending Pettibone to Leavenworth, and Johnson’s now former wife Danielle, who was already well on her way to becoming a coke whore, firmly down that path. 
Pettibone paused before he got to the corner, and reached into the shirt pocket of his fatigues, and pulled out a pair of major’s oak leaves, and pined them onto his collar. He then added three rows of campaign ribbon’s then slipped on his fatigue’s hat. He was now ready to get into the club.
Without pausing to join the end of the line, he limped along the line, laughing to himself as person after person thanked him for his service. When he got to the front of the line he slipped the doorman a twenty, “Think that a disabled vet can get in without waiting in line man?
The doorman slipped the twenty back into Pettibone’s hand, and moved the rope aside to allow him to enter, “Enjoy yourself Major; it’s gonna be one hell of a party tonight.”

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Title - New Release

“Love Aroused” has a new title. The new title is “Two Hearts Joined” By the Flames of Revenge. A title which is more in line with the story that lies between the covers. I thought that I had a winner when I chose “Love Aroused”. I mean those are two words that tend to catch readers attention.  The only problem with those two words is that they were drawing the readers of the wrong genre. When they read the blur and other write-ups they walked away from the book as the story is in no way erotic. 

“Two Hearts Joined” - By the Flames of Revenge is a Romantic Police Drama, that is intended for a wide audience, and age range. It is intended to please both the readers of Police Drama stories and Soft Romance.  It is once again available, this time exclusively with Amazon Kindle and Print.  The cover image remains the same, but with new verbiage. Oh, and just for fun, see if you can find the two faces in the flames that are looking at each other.  Those faces made the image the obvious choice for the cover background. 

Richard Nurse

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Away too Long

I've been away too Long

I couldn't believe it when I looked at the data for this blog and saw that I hadn't posted on it in over a month.  A lot of the winter has passed us by already, and I am thankful to say that it has been mild and pretty much snow free.  

I haven't been idle in the time I have been away. In fact, I have been writing every day.
I finished the fifth book in my Jasper, Street-Fighter and Me series just before Christmas, and after three rounds of edits, it is going through a beta read. It took a bit longer to write the fifth book in the series "You Can't Kill Her" ... just make her go away. 

As has been the trend with the series, each book has been longer and had more twists and surprises that the previous episode. Episode 5 is not an exception, as it at this moment is approx 52,000 words in length, and is by far the most intense story yet, with more twist and turns that I actually added a list of terms and acronyms for the reader. Nothing heavy, just a list to allow the reader to know exactly who or what agency is being talked about.  Keep checking the JSFandME website for updates and snippets from the story.

While I was finishing episode 5, I was also doing my own final edit, on a new Romantic Police Novel - "Love Ignited".  Like episode five of JSFandMe, this story is also in excess of fifty thousand words and is in the process of going through its first full edit.

Then for a little something different, I have been taking a Poetry Workshop, through Writers and Books in Rochester, NY where I work.  for this entire month, we have been receiving a prompt via e-mail every day, for which we have to write a poem.  Then the members of the class, pick's their favorite from the week and sends it to the rest of the class, which meets every Monday evening where we workshop each other's poems.  It has been a fun and interesting class, where I think that I have learned a lot, about my second love, writing poetry.

I have found, that my hands can be creative both to type out the stories in my mind, and also at times to simply create something physically.   

This week's project for my wife and me.