Saturday, January 9, 2016

Report from Cyberspace - Distribution Expanded for "Candie..."


The following was just spotted on a fast moving neutron.

"CANDIE IS NOT ALWAYS SWEET" book 1 of the popular new series
 "JASPER, STREET-FIGHTER, AND ME" is now available through

This means that the highly rated story and series, is now available in all digital formats, as well as paperback, making it readily available for all of the series' fans. Our sources tell us that book 2 "A Diamond in the Ruff" and book 3 "Serial Doesn't Start with a C" will be available on as soon as their contractual obligation has been met.  

Our cyber snoop, "Trapper the Cat" has also learned that the title to book four will be:
 "M is for Malice"

***Note*** We have confirmed the Smashwords Story and have added a link to the book.

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