Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Spots in CyberSpace by Trapper the Cat, #JSF&M

Cyber Snoop - Trapper-the-Cat

New from CyberSpace


Nursesnook&Books received a messaged from our roving Cyber Snoop, Trapper the Cat.
In the cryptic message, Trapper reported spotting new data about his favorite series.
  • The newest book, "Serial Doesn't Start with a C" just received it's second 5 Star Review
  • The series has now exceeded two hundred "results" on a "Google" search. 
  • And just before he hit his Cat-Nip for the night, he spotted the "Candie is not Always Sweet" has finally been added to Smashwords Premium Catalog.
Thank you, Trapper-the-Cat for your great spots out there in CyberSpace. (Editors note: Trapper the Cat is biased in his reporting about the "Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me" series. Trapper is the last kitten, now a cat, that can be traced to Street-Fighter before his wings were clipped.)

For those that are not aware of the benefits of being in Smashwords Premium Catalog. Besides providing Nursesnook&Books better positioning and promotion on, it also mean that "Candie..." is now available directly from almost every e-book distributor, and formatted for your specific reader. (Including Apple I-books)

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