Thursday, October 8, 2015

Coming Soon - A New Detective Series - Jasper, Street fighter & Me

Coming Soon

Episode 1 of the Fun New Series

Jasper, Street Fighter & Me

"Candie Is Not Always Sweet"

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"Candie Is Not Always Sweet"

The series is about a retired Marine Major, (Maggie McKenzie) whom was an MP, Dog Handler and a veteran of two tours in Afghanistan.  She opted for an early retirement, when her father was diagnosed with ALS.  She and Jasper, her border collie, who retired from the Marines along with her, decided to put their skills to use as private detectives after her father passed away.  One evening, while enjoying a dinner on the patio, they were visited by a street wise old tomcat, who won over not jut Maggie, but Jasper as well.  It was apparent right from the beginning that there was something special with this tomcat, who looked more like a small lion than an American Short Hair, which is what he would be classified as. 

Suddenly the Detective Agency had a new member of the team, along with a new name.  Their very first Episode is full of twists and turns, while at the same time we learn about some of Maggie's past, including events that took place during in her last tour in Afghanistan.  Together with his new pal Jasper, Street Fighter earns his strips early on, as he and Jasper team up to protect Maggie from a would be killer, but the drama and the actions for the unlikely pair are just beginning…for Street Fighter is a quick learner, and Jasper a good teacher, as they both work to either protect or take the point, which ever helps Maggie the most.

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