Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Breaking New - Walking the Plank

"Breaking New"

Author Richard Nurse to take Big Step

Walking the Plank

The Antique Poet, aka Richard Nurse, has decided to take a major step in his career as an indie author and publisher.  While I have written in excess of 30 novels, novelettes, short stories and books of poetry, only five exist under my own name.  I am proud of each and every piece that I have ever published, and my reasons for using a pen-name, was the genre that many of my books fall into, and none of my family or friends had ever read any of them.

That issue has changed, especially since my professor and lecturer wife, now acts as my primary editor for me, along with the fact that I am writing in a different genre presently. There is one other major reason for this change. I have always possessed the ability and emotional capability to write my stories and poetry from a women's point of view.  Over the last year and a half, I have become very comfortable with the aspect of my life. Maybe you can give credit to Katelyn Jenner, or from a number of reviews that I have received that have praised my ability to write from a woman's point of view, or having my wife of 48 years accept the fact, but the main reason is that I am comfortable with myself.

 So what is the major step that I am planning to take, one that would prompt me to entitle this piece as "Walking the Plank"  I am planning to bring my five novel series home, give it a re-write to make the sex, softer and more suggestive, and re-issue the series as a revised series, under my own name.  This will not be a minor or quick project, as the five novel series contains close to 700,000 words.  I am hoping to re-issue one to two a year at present.

To start the ball rolling though, I am planning to re-publish under my own name, a very special poem that I wrote, and that I have always made a free item through Smashwords along with another poem, which while never published as a stand-alone piece, is included in a book of poetry in a very different form. Both of the pieces should be released quite soon through Smashwords, as I plan to keep them booth at no charge.

I imagine that you have noticed that I have chosen not to reveal my pen-name within this piece. My reason is simple; I plan to publish a similar statement this weekend on the blog for my pen-name. For me it is only common courtesy to inform my many readers of my decision, and the upcoming changes.

Richard Nurse
The Antique Poet

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