Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Words from the Heart - Update - Contents

Words from the Heart

Now I am truly feeling excited.  I reviewed the proof this morning, and it looks great. Except for a minor adjustment in the cover placements so that it trims properly, I could have released the book this morning.  Now we will all have to wait one more day.

As promised yesterday I am releasing the Table of Contents page through this blog.  Plus as an added bonus, look for the title poem a bit later in the day on Google Plus.


Table of Contents

  Reflections - on Life - Through Poetry and Prose
  Depression – My Battle - Through Poetry and Prose
  Unexpected Changes - Caring -  In Home Elder Care - Through Poetry and Prose
   Whimsy and Furry Friends -  Coping – Life Isn’t Always… – Through Poetry and Prose

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