Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Release - Words from the Heart - Kindle Edition, Creatspace paperback

New Release

"Words from the Heart"

Released Today

Both the Amazon Kindle Edition
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The Title Poem

Expelled from within, with each muscles’ squeeze
Nouns and pronouns along with a preposition or two.
Mingle with verbs, adverbs and colorful adjectives too
Reds and yellows mixed with brilliant orange hues, 
Flowing in streams, driven by a continual breeze.

While the method of conveyance is equal on each side,
Some opt to ride the cells going to the right,
The shy and secretive, for there is stability and safety there.
While the majority take the highway that leads to the left,
eager to move on, to experience the adventures that lay outside.

The right side filled beyond its capacity back a few years.
To the point where words and phrases long  hidden there
Began to wiggle and squirm looking for a way out.
Some were small and found the opening called the keyhole.
While others formed a chain, and slipped under the door.

The words and thoughts from the secretive and reclusive right,
Suddenly mingle and mix, some seeing their first rays of light.
Stories gel and form, often with characters totally new to me.
Poetry or prose, I never know which form of composition will show
When the words from the heart begin to flow.

©May 20, 2015
Richard Nurse
All Rights Reserved

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