Monday, April 27, 2015

Murder in St. Luietz

Sneak Peek

Chapter 11
  St. Luietz – Mid-Morning

The Commissioner performed one of his well-known feats of magic, seemingly, from out of nowhere; he was standing next to the table where they were seated.

In his usual way, he announced his presence with a question. “I trust that this breakfast is a working breakfast and won’t show up on my tab. I believe that you two have a murder to solve.” and without skipping a beat added; “Sonja, as always, it is an honor, when you come back to visit, plus your beauty only helps to enhance the islands natural beauty.”

Sonja gave the Commissioner one of her dazzling smiles, as Gonzo looked up at the Commissioner, and with a smile on his face added; “No, sir, I’m actually buying this breakfast out of my own pocket. We have new information, and a second person of interest. We believe they are both still on this island, and in disguise. We’, as Sonja has graciously offered her assistance, are waiting for the market to open this morning so that we can canvas the vendors. Maria and Felicity discovered last night that one of the persons of interest was spotted there, buying groceries last Thursday.”

“Well, in that case, the markets open in ten minutes. Tell your mother hello for me, Sonja. Detectives…”

Just as suddenly as he had appeared, the Commissioner was gone from the café. His way of saying that, they should be on their way to start their morning plan moving as well. Sonja and Maria went to the ladies’ room before their shopping trip, while Gonzo paid the bill.

When they got out to the jeep, Gonzo was waiting for them with a smile on his face. “Damn but the Commissioner paid for our breakfast, so I think we had better get some good information from this. Hop in ladies, and we’ll be on our way.”

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Richard Nurse

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