Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Coming Soon - Murder in St. Luietz - Pre-Order Now


Coming Soon

Release Date - May 2, 2015

Pre-Orders available through
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Murder in St. Luietz
Guns ~ Stilettos ~ & ~ Money

A new crime novel by:
Richard Nurse

When a vote in an appropriations committee in the U. S. Senate is killed, and the contract tied to it along with it, the effects reach far and wide.

Not only does it essentially end the marriage between Hans and Deborah BeGoud, but it sends Hans into hiding, as the people behind the planned contract realized that he has taken them for the kind of money, that makes even the richest sit up and take notice.

Hans and his life-long friend and lover, pick the island of St. Lueitz to go underground and disappear.  You might say “They Chose Poorly” for his former employer has a totally unknown presence of this remote tropical paradise, where “island time” is the standard time zone.

Read and discover, the additional abilities and secrets the Hans reveals, that even his wife, as Special Agent for the GAO, had no idea about.

Richard Nurse

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