Saturday, January 28, 2017

Away too Long

I've been away too Long

I couldn't believe it when I looked at the data for this blog and saw that I hadn't posted on it in over a month.  A lot of the winter has passed us by already, and I am thankful to say that it has been mild and pretty much snow free.  

I haven't been idle in the time I have been away. In fact, I have been writing every day.
I finished the fifth book in my Jasper, Street-Fighter and Me series just before Christmas, and after three rounds of edits, it is going through a beta read. It took a bit longer to write the fifth book in the series "You Can't Kill Her" ... just make her go away. 

As has been the trend with the series, each book has been longer and had more twists and surprises that the previous episode. Episode 5 is not an exception, as it at this moment is approx 52,000 words in length, and is by far the most intense story yet, with more twist and turns that I actually added a list of terms and acronyms for the reader. Nothing heavy, just a list to allow the reader to know exactly who or what agency is being talked about.  Keep checking the JSFandME website for updates and snippets from the story.

While I was finishing episode 5, I was also doing my own final edit, on a new Romantic Police Novel - "Love Ignited".  Like episode five of JSFandMe, this story is also in excess of fifty thousand words and is in the process of going through its first full edit.

Then for a little something different, I have been taking a Poetry Workshop, through Writers and Books in Rochester, NY where I work.  for this entire month, we have been receiving a prompt via e-mail every day, for which we have to write a poem.  Then the members of the class, pick's their favorite from the week and sends it to the rest of the class, which meets every Monday evening where we workshop each other's poems.  It has been a fun and interesting class, where I think that I have learned a lot, about my second love, writing poetry.

I have found, that my hands can be creative both to type out the stories in my mind, and also at times to simply create something physically.   

This week's project for my wife and me.

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