Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Title - New Release

“Love Aroused” has a new title. The new title is “Two Hearts Joined” By the Flames of Revenge. A title which is more in line with the story that lies between the covers. I thought that I had a winner when I chose “Love Aroused”. I mean those are two words that tend to catch readers attention.  The only problem with those two words is that they were drawing the readers of the wrong genre. When they read the blur and other write-ups they walked away from the book as the story is in no way erotic. 

“Two Hearts Joined” - By the Flames of Revenge is a Romantic Police Drama, that is intended for a wide audience, and age range. It is intended to please both the readers of Police Drama stories and Soft Romance.  It is once again available, this time exclusively with Amazon Kindle and Print.  The cover image remains the same, but with new verbiage. Oh, and just for fun, see if you can find the two faces in the flames that are looking at each other.  Those faces made the image the obvious choice for the cover background. 

Richard Nurse

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