Monday, March 7, 2016

Trapper the Cyber Snoop - With a News Blast

Sorry Folks I was Just taken a Cat Nap

I'm allowed one, it is in my contract

I wanted to let everybody know that is having a special event this week Read and E-book Week from March 6th through March 12.  Authors have been able to elect a percentage off of their books for this week from 25% off to a mind-boggling 100% off.  (Isn't that like FREE)
Every book under the Nursesnook&Books banner has been reduced for this sale. Just click on the link to get to the entire sale.

P.S.  I saw my human, author Richard Nurse, working on what looks like something that might become a serial, either on this blog, or his own blog.  I do my best to see if I can find out some more on the piece.  I think it is about the seven of us cats that live inside.

Ops, time for another one of my authorized CatNaps. nightall

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