Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hot News about "Candie" - from TRAPPER the Cyber Snoop

Hot News - Candie and KDP Select Hook Back Up...

While rummaging through a collage of bits and bytes, found floating freely in cyberspace this morning, I stumbled upon the some very exciting news.  My favorite Author, Richard Nurse, has de-published the Smashwords’ edition of Book 1 (Candie is not always Sweet) in the highly rated “Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me” series.  

He has assigned it, once again to KDP Select, which now means the entire series is available exclusively through Amazon as an e-book.  As an added benefit, for Amazon Unlimited members, this now means that you now can read the entire four Novella length books, in this exciting series for “FREE”.

I found more information from daddy, Ops, I mean Author, Richard Nurse, but I haven't been able to decrypt it yet. It looks as if his first major case of 'Writer's Block' is coming to an end, so keep an eye on this site for more exciting news.

  By: Trapper the Cyber Snoop

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