Friday, December 18, 2015

Now Available in Paperback - Serial Doesn't Start with a C - Episode 3

Just Released

"Serial Doesn't Start with a C"
Episode 3 - "Jasper Street-Fighter and Me"
Now in Paperback
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The Blurb…

I received a call from Jim this morning. He called to tell me that they had a new lead in the serial rapist/murder case.  Jim is Detective Jim Anderson; in fact, he is the senior detective for our City's police force. We have known each other for our entire lives, and on occasion, we have enjoyed each other's company on an intimate basis.  It has never been anywhere near a permanent arrangement, although I am pretty sure that Jim would like it to be so. The problem is with me, as I've never been able to understand my sexual desires fully, so I have never been willing to make a full-time commitment.
It has been six months since Jasper and Street Fighter found the bag of diamonds, which the pack rats had stashed in the remains of a victim of the serial rapist/murder, who had been raping and killing women for the last five years, in and around the tri-state area.  Jim has been worried about me ever since we found the body, and he started working on the case.  Jim told me this morning that he was now part of the multi-jurisdictional task force working on the case.  He laughed when he said that since the press hasn't tumbled onto the case yet, that the task force has dubbed whoever is behind the rapes and murders as the Tri-State Fruitloop.  I had to laugh myself, for my first thought had been that "Serial Doesn't Start with a C". I knew that Jim had called because he does not want me to let my guard down regarding the rapist. Jim is worried about me, because of the Tri-State Fruitloop, and I can't fault his reason for worry.  Jim's concern stems from the fact that I fit the description, almost to a tee, of every victim that has been attributed to whoever was committing these crimes.  Since every one of his victims to date has been: Single, A successful business woman, Attractive, and a Redhead. I really couldn't argue the point with him.  Jim even has gone to the point of insisting that I always have Jasper and Street Fighter with me whenever I go for a run, or to any public area. 

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