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A Conversation with Jasper & Street Fighter - Part 1

Part 1 of

A conversation with Jasper and Street Fighter

RDN (Author Richard Nurse) - Street Fighter, do you remember the day that I told you that I would write a story about you?

SF (Street Fighter) - Yup, it was that night that you heard me tussling with that mangy black and white dude from down the street. I have to keep my eye on him all of the time.  He keeps trying to steal my ladies.

RDN - Right you are.  You impressed me that night. I thought for a minute he had you, but then you did that leap, and twist thing, and came down right on top of him.

SF - Yeah, that was a pretty sweet move, especially for a guy that isn't as spry as he used to be, what with my dislocated right front shoulder. I surprised the hell out of him with that move.

RDN - That you did buddy, right along with me.  He didn't come back for quite a while.  Speaking of him trying to steal your ladies. I have to give you credit for not making Sassy leave the pride, especially after she produced just two kittens, and both are black and white.

SF - Ah man, you know a little new blood in the family every now and then is good for all of us. Besides, not that many of the little ones made it through that late storm.  Oh and you gave her a perfect name man, she is definitely one Sassy girl.  She is doing her best to make it up to me, even when she is not in season.  I really like that girl.

Jasper - Hey buddy, what was not to like about her, she is cute and the way she flirts with you, How did she take it when Maggie got you fixed?

SF - I guess not too well, I haven't seen her since she found out I was out of commission.  But I forgave Maggie, she is pretty damn special, especially for a human.  She treats us both right.

RDN - Tell me, Jasper, what did you think when this little lion strolled onto the patio that night?

Jasper - I sensed that he wasn't here to cause any trouble, and it didn't take me long to figure out that I really didn't want to tangle with him. I mean look at him, he has more scars, tears in nicks and dents than a friggin APC.  The boy has been around, and since he is the winner, I wouldn't want to see what the losers look like.  Besides, as much as I love Maggie, I miss being with my other K-9 buddies.  He may be a cat, but he could make the muster as a marine anytime he wanted to.

RDN - Time for the truth SF - What made you decide to take the chance to enter the patio with Jasper laying there in plain sight?

SF - It was the food.  I mean Jasper was having a steak, and she is having poached Salmon, which is my all time favorite. Plus I saw right away that Jasper was and Aussie and they are about the smartest dogs around, almost as smart as a cat.  So I figured any lady that feeds her dog steak while she eats salmon, has got to be someone special, so I decided to see just how special she is.
RDN - So just how special is Maggie guys?

Jasper and Street Fighter looked at me and together they said, "You ought to know, you're written the story's man.

End of Session 1
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