Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Web-Page Updates Plus New Story Sample

Updates to my Web-Site


Over the last two days, I have worked make the site more user-friendly for mobile users. While the column format, on the Published Works page looked nice on the big screen, it might have caused a case of carpal tunnel if someone wanted the last link on that page. To fix the issue I made the following changes:
  • The Published Works pages now only contains an image of each cover, with a short informational caption below it.  The other data and links are no longer on the page. Each cover image is now a link in itself to a new page on the web-site named "The Link List"
  • The Link List page is exactly what the name implies. Since each of the books is available from a variety of distributors, ie. Amazon, Apple I-Books, Nook, Smashwords, Google Play etc. I have listed each of the three authors that publish under the Nursesnook&Books umbrella, and for each author there are distributor specific button links for each book.  So depending on the platform that you use, you simply select the button for the book of your choice, and it will take you there.  

As an added bonus, I also changed the sample, to a section of chapter 9 from Trish's Story.

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