Friday, November 13, 2015

Looking for Help - Who do you Self-publish through

I'm looking for some help...

I have been using Smashwords to distribute my e-books to Apple, Nook, Kobe etc., While it makes is easier for me, I have not been happy with the number of sales from the major players through Smashwords.  I would like to run a survey to see which publisher my fellow self-publishers are using. The survey is a massive two questions long.  I have placed the survey on my web-site on the Coming Soon Page.  The Survey link is shown below.  I am only going to run this survey for a week, so please don't wait to take the minute it will take to participate.

I will publish the results on my website, here on this blog, and also on my nursesnooks&Books fan page community.

Thank you
Richard Nurse

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