Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nursesnook&Books - September 1st Blog

Date: September 1, 2015


   Our Recent trip to Philadelphia, which included a day spent with the Impressionists, as we visited both the Barnes Foundation and Impressionists Show, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The combination of beautiful weather, beautiful art, and being able to share it with the beautiful woman who has been my wife for 47 years, inspired me to write a new poem titled "Impressions, Inspired by the Impressionist".

It can be found on my other blog, RDN's Blog

To read more about Philadelphia, and one extremely busy summer, check out my web-page, which was just updated yesterday. http://antiquepoet.com/

Coming Soon:

    "Out of the Chaos"  - At the present time, I am projecting a mid-September release for this exciting romantic police drama. A story that begins with a general alert call that activates every police, fire and EMS unit in Smithville.  For Senior Detectives Charlotte (Charlie) Nelson, and Charles (Chuck) D'Angelo, the closest detectives to the chaos that takes over the center of the city.  The excitement for Charlie begins even before they reach the scene, and doesn't end until the end of the book.

Deals & Free Books:

  • Free Books:
    • "And Then There Were Six" - A short story in verse is available through Smashwords.
    • "Our Pride & Our Joy" - A story in verse about our feral cat family is available through Smashwords.
    • "Murder in St. Luietz" & "Words from the Heart" - Are both available in paperback, at reduced prices through my store The Antique Poet Store.


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