Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Review of Murder in St. Luietz" - Release date for Out of the Chaos

Date: September 3, 2015


  • "Murder in St. Luietz" - The Latest Review - 4 Stars - A mystery action book in the imaginary island of St Luietz, a fictional tropical paradise that is disturbed with a series of ugly murders. I liked the idea of a fictional island as it reminded me a bit of Aldous Huxley's Pala. Mr Nurse's luscious descriptions of his St. Luietz, fully brings it to life.

    The story has a very ambitious premise and the author delivers with fine detail and well researched impressive unfolding. He is very knowledgeable about the hierarchies and procedures of a police investigation, his story is packed with action and I was particularly impressed by his highly visual scenes.

    The title -involving stilettos- is very accurate and the reader is not spared from gore in the murder scenes. The chase scenes are very well constructed as well keeping the reader alive. So the readers of this book get out of it exactly what they would hope and some more. I would happily recommend it to lovers of mystery, neo noir, thriller, adventure genre. 
  • "Words from the Heart" - Is being purchased both as a Paperback and in it's digital format. Plus being read on line on Amazon.

Coming Soon:  

September 15th is the Date
for "Out of the Chaos" 

"Out of the Chaos"   - A Romantic Police Drama – The action begins on page one, when a general alert call, by the 911 Center, activates every police, fire and EMS unit in Smithville. For Senior Detectives Charlotte (Charlie) Nelson, and Charles (Chuck) D'Angelo, the closest Homicide Detectives to the chaos, that takes over the city’s once thriving downtown district, the night quickly changes from routine to chaotic.  The challenges for the long-time team, and especially for ‘Charlie’ Nelson, begin even before they reach the scene, and continue to escalate as the night goes on. A drama, packed with both, physical and emotional challenges and attractions, which carry the reader along, from the first night of chaos, until the case is solved, and beyond. “Out of the Chaos” is a story, which does not truly end, until the reader reads the words; “The End”.

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    • "Our Pride & Our Joy" - A story in verse about our feral cat family is available through Smashwords.
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