Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trapper the Cyber Snoop says, "Turn off the Politicians - Read a Book"

A message from Trapper the Cyber Snoop

The Olympics come to an end today. Congratulations of all of the athletes, well except for one that made a giant ASS out of himself.

Now comes the question, what do I do.  I've got anywhere from 200 to 1000 channels, of re-runs, infomercials, promo's for new shows, and an ever growing number of political ads.

Me, I for one and going to leave the TV off, and curl up with my owner and a good book.  Actually, I'm going to let him read to me about my dad, Street-Fighter. It was two years ago yesterday, that he left us for a better place, and I still miss him.  I'm glad my owner has made him a star with the "Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me" series.   

The first two books in the series, "Candie is not always Sweet", and "A Diamond in the Ruff" are available through Amazon in their REVISED EDITIONS.  Don't tell him that I told you so, but we are close to being finished with the final edit for book three's REVISED EDITION.  We should have "Serial doesn't start with a C" back on the market in early September. 

I hope you don't mind, but I had to slip a picture of dad in along with the book covers.  Trapper the Cyber Snoop

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