Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trapper they Cyber Snoop for Nursenook&Books


Trapper the Cyber Snoop Reporting

No I didn't go on and extended holiday.  It has just been so busy around here that sometimes I just had to chill out with the other cats in the house, and let the boss go about his thing.  I mean, he has made a lot of changes this year, and not just with his writing.  

He has been doing projects around the house, all of which seem to take a bit longer than he had imagined they would when he started them. Then he and the missus decided it was time to bring their antique dealer business to a close. A decision made in March, but which was finally reached with a final sale this weekend.  Add the decision to re-write two different series, publish two blogs, and manage three web-sites to the normal daily routine, and is it any wonder that every time I hopped into his lap to take a nap, he joined me in nap taking.

He has changed the office we share, twice this year, along with putting the series my dad stars in through a profession evaluation by Story Perfect Editing Service, making changes to the books based on their changes, and then making adjustments based on their final copy edit.  Book one "Candie is not Always Sweet" and book two "A Diamond in the Ruff" have both been completely through the process, and have been re-released as (REVISED EDITIONS) completed with new ISBN's/ASIBN's.  Book three of the "Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me" series "Serial doesn't start with a C" has been through the evaluation, and is going through a re-write at this time.  Book four "M is for Malice" will be on its way to the editor as soon as Serial is re-written."

It truly has been a very crazy 1st half of the year, but things are starting to settle down.  Oh and to keep my reputation as a snoop in-tact, I did make a bit of a find while helping the boss change his office last week.  While sitting on a stack of paper to make sure it didn't move, I notice the cover of a manuscript for book five of the series.  I didn't get the chance to read it all, but it has something to do with "steak-outs", and I always like it when he cooks a steak out on the grill.

I guess I had better quit strolling across the keyboard, and let him have it back, because I know he has more to do on "Serial doesn't start with a C".  Besides it is time for me to take one of those Cat Naps that are in my contact.

I almost forgot to put in the links for the new REVISED EDITIONS.

Candie is not Always Sweet"                                 A Diamond in the Ruff

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