Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In the News! at Nursesnook&Books

In the News!

A Diamond in the Ruff - The first review is in - Four Stars -  Richard Nurse has written yet another fast-paced, enjoyable read, and continues the series that stars a detective and two pets, who are themselves crime fighters.

A Diamond in the Ruff - GoodReads Give Away - The contest is underway.  I am giving away two signed copies of "A Diamond in the Ruff" Episode 2 of the fast paced "Jasper, Street Fighter & Me" series.  There is a button link to the entry form on the Published Works page of this site.  Find the cover picture and the link to the contest is located just below.  Hurry because the contest ends at midnight on November 25th.

Striving to Provide the best Product that I can - A couple of weeks back, I received a review of one of my novels that made me sit up and take notice.  While the reviewer liked the story, and they way it unfolded, the number of grammatical errors in the story were distracting to the reader.  The review was extremely well written, and done in a constructive manner for my part.  This particular book had been through a minimum of three edits prior to its release.  I took the advice of the reviewer, and began checking on the various Grammar, Spelling, Wrong Word catching programs.  I settled on Grammarly, and after installing the basic free version, I uploaded the manuscript in question into the program for review.  A couple of four-letter words slipped out of my mouth when I saw the results of the check. The program found 642 critical errors.    At that moment, I made a couple of decisions that I am in the process of bringing fully into operation.

  • I turned off the auto review on MS Word.
  • Every new manuscript created will be composed with Grammarly operatin
  • I plan to upload and submit every manuscript, for every published book presently on the market. Each will be reviewed and edited using Grammarly, and upon completion a new manuscript will be uploaded to the distributors for my books. I fully intend that each item with my name or one of my pen names on it will be as grammatically correct as possible.  Allow me to add, that this is not a project this will be completed in a few days or even a week.  I have committed x number of hours on my schedule each day to complete this project
  • Upon completing the first two manuscripts, I was impressed enough with the program that I upgraded the Grammarly program to the premium so that it is review and checking for even more potential problems.
  • I really should have paid attention in English Class....

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