Saturday, November 7, 2015

Great New Cover for "Out of the Chaos"

The Amazing New Cover

By Paul Potiki


"Out of the Chaos"

I decided to change the cover of Out of the Chaos, base on statistics that lead me to believe that the cover was actually suggesting something totally different from what the story is about.
First was the comments I received at a couple of shows lately, with regards that they thought that the book was religious based on the cover.  Second, is the fact that the books is rated 4 Plus on both Goodreads and Amazon and has not come close to meeting my sales expectations.  The third and final factor is that during a recent Goodreads self-advertising promotion it has received a total of 1 click to date this month while other books in the same campaign are receiving numerous clicks.
With Paul's expert help, Out of the Chaos, now has a cover that leaves no doubt as to what the story is about.
Any Comments regarding this change would be greatly appreciated.
Richard Nurse

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