Sunday, October 25, 2015

Nursesnook&Books - Web-Site - Up and Running

Nursesnook&Books Web-Site

The web-site is complete and running.  Nursesnook&Books is the site to find out about myself, both as an author, and about major life events. It features a page that lists all of the works that now come under the Nursesnook&Books umbrella. On this page you will find a picture of the cover fore each book, and next to the photo is a section that lists the title, series tile, if it is part of a series, genre, and keywords or categories. The last column contains a link button for each location where I have physically published the book. 
  ***NOTE*** For appearance reasons on full screen desktop, laptop and tablets, this page appears in a column format so that all information for a particular pieces is presented as a cohesive group. While the site is optimized for mobile, this page because of it column format requires a mobile user to scroll the images and genre information, prior to locating the button links.  Each button link has been customized so that it keys to the book of your choice and the seller. Tapping the button will take you to the sellers' page for the work of your choice.

The other pages of the web-site are:  Published this Year, Coming Soon, Works in Progress and Book Sample. Each page is further broken down by author/pen-name, with the except of the first and last pages. At the present time there is a Chapter from Out of the Chaos presented as a sample.  This locations is also where I will post sneek peaks for books that are about to be released.

I hope you enjoy the new format, and the information presented in the web-site.  As is always the case, constructive comments are always appreciated.

Richard Nurse


   Episode 2 of the "Jasper, Street Fighter & Me" series is written, and off to the editor. watch for further updates on this site, and my web-site.  The only part that is not finalized is the story title.
  1. A Diamond in the Ruff  (Featuring: Street Fighter)
  2. Diamonds in the Ruff  (Featuring: Street Fighter)

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