Saturday, October 31, 2015

COMING SOON A Diamond in the Ruff Episode #: 2


Title:  A Diamond in the Ruff

Series:  "Jasper, Street Fighter & Me"

Episode #:  2

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Series Back Cover    
Premise:  While enjoying an afternoon in a meadow reading, Maggie hears Jasper give out a sharp bark.  Thinking that Street Fighter, had managed to sneak up on Jasper, she just smiled and went back to reading her book, underneath the ancient old oak tree she was leaning against. When Jasper and Street Fighter, appeared in front of her, she quickly forgot about the book she was reading.  Street Fighter was carrying a small leather bag that hung from his mouth by the drawstring, and Jasper had what appeared to be a human rib bone in his mouth.  The bag in Street Fighters mouth contained un-cut diamonds.

Her 'boy's' as she calls Jasper and Street Fighter, had managed to find Maggie's Detective Firm, "Jasper, Street Fighter & Me" next case, or possibly even cases.  When she followed the boys back to where they had found the bag and bone, Maggie discovered the partially opened, and shallow burial site of a human body.  Sitting between the bones of the pelvis was another bag, just like the one that Street Fighter had brought her.

Maggie calls her lifelong friend, Detective Jim Patterson from the Metro Police Department, and the sight is quickly labeled as a crime scene. The initial hypothesis is that it is one case, and that the victim was a mule for the diamond smugglers.  But Maggie isn't so sure, and during a relaxing dinner, at her home with Jim, and her boys, Jim is called out, when another body is found, in an almost identical state as the first body. Except for one big difference, there are no diamonds with the body, this time.

Maggie has an idea where the diamonds at the body came from, and devises a plan to prove her theory.  The proving of Maggie's theory sets off a string of events that turn violent, and put Jasper and Street Fighter to the test right along with Maggie.  Events of a nature, that Maggie, has not experienced since she retired from the Marines.

Projected Release Date:  November 15th 2015

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