Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Nursesnook&Books - Release Date for Out of the Chaos - Goodreads Giveaway

Date: September 8, 2015

News: Release Date for "Out of the Chaos"

September 15th is the release date for all digital formats of this exciting new book.

"Out of the Chaos" will be available in all digital formats through: Amazon, Google Play and Smashwords.

Pre-Order today through Smashwords:

Due to a mix up in the original upload to CreatSpace, the Paperback Version of "Out of the Chaos" is available for purchase now, through Createspace eStore

Sneak Peak - Look for the first sneak peak in tomorrows blog.

Deals & Free Books:

  • Free Books:
    • Goodreads Giveaway: 3 signed copies of "Out of the Chaos" will be given away through Goodreads. **Details in the next blog.**

    • "And Then There Were Six" - A short story in verse is available through Smashwords.
    • "Our Pride & Our Joy" - A story in verse about our feral cat family is available through Smashwords.
    • "Murder in St. Luietz" & "Words from the Heart" - Are both available in paperback, at reduced prices through my store The Antique Poet Store.


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