Thursday, September 17, 2015

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"Out of the Chaos"

By: Richard Nurse


Think you can guess what Mom has done to get directions like these from her daughter?

The beginning of Chapter 29

At a little before eleven, Julie and I looked at each other, and smiled.  We had both heard the noise that the old style spring closer on the door made.  I waited until I heard it close, and then hit the button on the remote to electronically lock the door.

I knew who ever had entered the porch had heard the lock slide home, as I head a female voice say fuck, and then heard the door rattle.  Julie then began her part in our plan to capture her mother.  “Danielle, this is Julie, if you want to talk to me face to face, put any weapons you might have on you on the table, drop your pants to your ankles, and lay on the floor with your arms spread out to either side.”

We both smiled, as we heard Danielle say, “I am not dropping my jeans for anybody, now unlock the fucking door so that I can leave.”

I didn’t even bother to peek out the blinds, instead I simply said, “Danielle, this is Senior Homicide Detective Charlotte Nelson, I am sitting here with your daughter Julie.  For your information, I am also her legal guardian, until such time as your ex-husband is able to resume his duties as her father.  Now if you would like to speak with Julie, you will do exactly as Julie instructed.  You have exactly 10 seconds to make your decision, before I alert the officer parked in the driveway, and turn on the lights on the porch, taking any cover you might have away from you.”

She didn’t waste any time with voicing her displeasure, which ended with a laugh, like the joke was on us.  At the same time that I heard her say okay, I heard a heavy object, which I assumed was a hand gun being dropped on the table.  She then said that her jeans are at her feet, and that she is laying down now.

I peeked out the blind, and saw that she had actually complied as directed.  I handed my Mag-lite to Julie and opened the door to the porch, and with Julie shinning the light so that it was directly in her ex-mothers face effectively blinding her, I slipped around behind her and put a pair of plastic zip cuffs on her wrists and pulled them tight.

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