Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coming Soon - New Short Story Detective Series

Coming Soon

A New Short Story Detective Series

From Richard Nurse

What do you do when a totally unexpected guest suddenly joins your team? Well if you are Maggie McKenzie, Major, USMC retired, a former Marine MP and dog handler, you realize that it just might be time to change your business cards. Especially when Jasper, your highly trained Border Collie, who retired along with you, amazingly accepts this unexpected guest, and even shares his food.

Maggie's new business cards become the title of this new action packed series where each new story will be a separated case taken on by: "Jasper, Street Fighter & Me"

Oh, and who is Street Fighter you say, you will have to wait until the next blog to see, unless you know me personally. 

Up Coming Promotions:

October 6th -  A 1 Day Book Blast  for "Words From the Heart" by BookBear

Date to Be Determined - 2 Separate Digital promotions for "Out of the Chaos" by Being Author

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