Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Murder in St. Luietz - Tease

Just a little tease from my new international crime novel 

"Murder in St. Luietz"

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It was easy to tell which room the body was in; you just had to follow your nose to where the stench was the strongest. The door to the bedroom was open, and even before you entered the room it was evident that whoever was lying on the bed had died a very violent death. The wall behind the bed looked more like a modern art studio than the wall of a home. Only, instead of paint, the scene before them had been created, by the high-velocity spatter of blood. The type of spatter pattern, that only comes from gunshot wounds.

The sergeant keyed the mic clipped to his collar, and requested that the coroner's office, as well as homicide and technical unit, be called. They both knew that there were only two possible reasons for the victim’s death, murder or suicide. However, that was not their call to make. After a quick search of the house, to make sure, there were no other bodies; they set about securing the scene and establishing a perimeter with crime scene tape. 

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