Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Changes to my Web-Sites

Changes to my Web-sites

For those of you that may not know, I manage three different web-sites, devoted to my published works, either under my own name, or one of my pen-names. At the present time two of the three are under construction, and the third will be very soon.  They are still operating and usable during this construction period.

When I made the decision to reveal my pen-name of D. D. Story, I also made the decision to bring some of the books back under my own name.  Also, at that time, I decided to go back to using "The Antique Poet" name for poetry, and not for works of prose.  At that time I began to concentrate on using my "Nursesnook&Books Blog, and have now made that my primary blog for my writings. In addition to the Blog, there is also a Facebook Page, a Twitter account, Web-site, and you can even stumble along if you want to.

Please bare with me, as I make these changes to the web-sites, and other pages.  At present I am making changes to The Antique Poet web-site and Nursesnookandbooks web-site, they will be extremely similar in nature and content, with the main difference being one devoted to my poetry, and the other devoted to my other writings.  The third website is suzy-q-stories.net and is devoted to D. D. Story.  That site will go into re-design upon the completion of the other sites.

Thank you for your patience, and you will find links to the other sites and pages below.

Richard Nurse

            Nursesnook&Books Twitter                  Nursesnook&Books Fan Page

          The Antique Poet Web-stie                Antique Poet - Facebook Page

            The Antique Poet - Twitter

            D. D. Story Web-Site                            D. D. Story Facebook page

            D. D. Story's Fan Page

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